I am in love with these kids! They are incredibly beautiful and funny! We were just planning on doing the baby but he was fussy so while he was calming down we shot the other kids. Too cute.blog-7780blog-7819blog-7804blog-7797blog-7829blog-7850blog-7841blog-7874Soft Glaze


I used to babysit these kids. Yes I am an old lady! I shot the oldest daughters wedding and now she has had a baby! Hello?!

How time flies when you are having fun. This was a fun shoot. It was windier than crap but I think they turned out great!


So I have these Florida clients that are absolutely amazing! They refer everyone to me. It is great. Anyway they just had a baby little girl who is the sweetest stinkin thing ever! Look at those eyes and hair. I am secretly jealous. My kids have none. 😦 aiden-9074aiden-9117aiden-9094aiden-9151aiden-9188aiden-9239aiden-9287aiden-9254

I can’t tell you how proud I am of this shoot. Nothing better than great bride, great locations, and great lighting. I had so much fun. This is why I am a photographer right here. Thanks Aly for being so open to my ideas and letting my husband carry you out into the water. I mean seriously how cool are you?alybridals-0294


Happy 1st Birthday Kaleb! Isn’t he the cutest little guy ever! I just wanted to eat him up. We shot forever and durning his nap time and he was still such a good kid.IMG_1415aIMG_1422aIMG_1443abIMG_1479IMG_1495aIMG_1500aIMG_1517ab




This is my lovely niece. Last year I was doing senior pics and now I am shooting engagements. It is scary my nieces are starting to get married. Yikes I am OLD! Anyway, Aubrey is so laid back and didn’t care where we went so I got to shoot at a bunch of places I have been dying to shoot.